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Moscow police try to ban photographs of memorial to Dnipro missile strike victims

Police in Moscow have prohibited taking photos near the city’s monument to Ukrainian writer Lesya Ukrainka, where an unofficial memorial for those killed in the January 14 missile strike on Dnipro has appeared in recent days.

A woman who subscribes to journalist Alexander Plushev’s content told him that she was at the memorial when a police officer approached her and told her, “I know you have the right to take photographs, and I myself don’t understand why it’s not allowed, but leadership said not to permit it, so delete the photo.” Others reported similar encounters earlier on January 20.

The makeshift memorial honors the victims of a January 14 Russian missile attack on Ukraine, which struck a residential building in Dnipro, killing 46 people. Similar memorials have appeared in several Russian cities. In Moscow, police arrested people who came to the Lesya Ukrainka monument to pay their respects.

A photograph of the Lesya Ukrainka memorial, taken by one of Alexander Plushev’s subscribers. She didn’t delete the photo despite a police officer’s request.
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