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Russia’s Human Rights Council asks Prosecutor General to review the case of jailed journalist Alexandra Bayazitova

Valery Fadeyev, chairman of Russia’s Presidential Council on Human Rights requested that the Prosecutor General review the validity of the detention of journalist Alexandra Bayazitova, reports a Human Rights Council press service.

Bayazitova has worked for Kommersant, Izvestiya, and Life. She specializes in finance and economics, and also runs the YouTube and Telegram channel “Adskiye Babki” (“Infernal Grandmas”).

“Conditions in jail can aggravate many of her chronic illnesses. Also noteworthy is the fact that no investigative actions with her participation have been carried out for four months. Aside from that, Alexandra Bayazitova’s 74-year-old mother was dependent on her before her arrest. In view of this, the Council asks you to take control of the case and to order a review of the legality and validity of this measure regarding Alexandra Bayazitova,” reads Fadeyev’s appeal.

The press release also notes that Alexey Melnikov, a member of the Human Rights Council, visited Bayazitova in jail before New Year’s and was “personally convinced of her poor condition.”

The Kuzminsky District Court in Moscow had Alexandra Bayazitova arrested on August 10, 2022 on charges of extorting money from Alexander Ushakov, the vice president of Promsvyazbank. The journalist has maintained her innocence. Bayazitova attributes her persecution to the fact that she wrote about Promsvyazbank leadership embezzling money.

During a court hearing, Bayazitova’s defense team insisted on house arrest since the journalist has a number of chronic illnesses, including diabetes, and requires constant medical attention.

Since then, the court has extended Bayazitova’s time in jail, where she awaiting trial, several times, most recently until February 7, 2023.

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