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Russian Defense Ministry says missile strike that destroyed a Dnipro residential building ‘reached its target’

During its daily briefing, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that Russian troops hit Ukrainian military command and energy targets during a massive strike on the country on January 14.

“All designated targets have been hit. The goal of the strike has been achieved,” said ministry spokesperson Igor Konashenkov.

The Ukrainian side reports that the massive strike damaged energy facilities in six regions. In Dnipro, a missile struck a nine-story apartment complex, killing over 20 people and injuring over 70.

News outlet Agentstvo writes that the January 14 attack was Russia’s deadliest strike on Ukraine since September, 2022, when a strike on a humanitarian aid convoy in Zaporizhzhia killed 32 people.

In times of war it is impossible to immediately verify information disseminated even by official representatives of parties to the conflict.
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