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Viktor Bout spoke at the launch of a Luhansk branch of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia

Source: Zvezda

On December 17, Viktor Bout, who returned to Russia from a U.S. prison in early December, took part in the opening of a new branch of the right-wing nationalist Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, in Ukrainian Luhansk, which is currently under Russian control.

In a speech, Bout compared the “return to Russia” of the occupied territories in eastern Ukraine to his own personal return to the Russian Federation.

I paid close attention to everything that’s been happening these eight years in the Donbas. And you know, your example meant a lot to me, because you’re all heroes. Your will, your determination, and the fact that you not only held out, but won and returned to Russia — it’s very important.

So, many thanks to all of you. And you were an inspiration to me, which allowed me to also return to my homeland, just like the whole Donbas, to return to Russia. Thank you.

According to the television network Zvezda, Bout and the head of the party, Leonid Slutsky, “nearly came under fire” on the way to the event.

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Viktor Bout joined the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia on December 12, a few days after he was exchanged for American basketball player Brittney Griner.

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