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Explosions reported in Russia's Bryansk region

Early Tuesday morning, explosions occurred in the town of Klintsy and the nearby village of Klimovo, both of which are in Russia’s Bryansk region.

According to the region’s governor, Alexander Bogomaz, the blast in Klintsy was the result of “shelling by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.” Writing on Telegram, he said that “a missile was destroyed by air defense systems and individual pieces landed on the territory of an industrial zone. There were no injuries and no damage.”

As the BBC Russian Service noted, Klintsy is approximately 60 kilometers (37 miles) from Ukraine’s Chernihiv region. According to data from open sources, a motorized infantry regiment is currently stationed in the city.

Before the explosions in Klimovo, a fire broke out in the village, according to a local Telegram channel. Klimovo, which is about 30 kilometers (19 miles) from the Ukrainian border, contains a military base and a military airfield.

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