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Drone crashes at military airfield in Saratov Region

Source: Baza

Baza reports that an unknown aircraft crashed on the runway of an airfield in Saratov region on the morning of December 5. They have so far not identified the source of the information.

Astra claims that the drone went down at an airbase near the city of Engels. According to the publication, two Tu-95 bombers were damaged. Two servicemen were also wounded and have been hospitalized.

Siren writes that residents of Engels and Saratov heard a strong explosion around six in the morning.

Video footage allegedly showing an attack on an airfield in Engels was published online.

Saratov Region Governor Roman Busargin said that “information about incidents at military facilities” near Engels was being checked by law enforcement agencies. He noted that “there were no emergencies in the residential areas of the city.”

The Russian Ministry of Defense has not commented on the situation.

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