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Large fire breaks out in Moscow near three train stations

A fire broke out in central Moscow, in an area near three train stations, sending black smoke, which was visible from many different districts, over the city.

A view of the smoke from the fire near Komsomolskaya Square, Moscow, November 20, 2022
Maksim Churusov / TASS
A large fire near the center of Moscow. It burned in an area near three train stations. A black column of smoke was visible from many parts of the city.

According to Moscow emergency services, the fire occurred in a two-story brick warehouse building on Komsomolskaya Square. TASS reports that the building houses a furniture and lighting store and a flower shop.

Rescue crews headed out to a fire on Komsomolskaya Square.
A large fire in Moscow near three train stations.

Emergency services reported that the fire covered about 2,000 square meters [around 21,500 square feet]. Publication Baza writes that seven people, who were trapped near a flower greenhouse, were evacuated from the building. RIA Novosti reports, citing emergency services, that rescue workers found two bodies in the rubble at the site of the fire at night on November 20.

Baza claims that an explosion occurred in the building during the fire, causing the floor between the first and second stories to collapse. Emergency services confirmed only that a 500-square-meter [over 5,000-square-foot] section of the building had collapsed. Three helicopters and a fire train were called to extinguish the fire.

In a burning building in the center of Moscow, the floor between the first and second stories collapsed, requiring three helicopters and a fire train to extinguish.

Russian Railways, Russia’s state-owned railway company, said that the fire posed no threat to passengers and had not affected train service.

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