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Russian electronics companies ask federal regulators to increase tariffs on foreign products

Source: Kommersant

The Russian electronics manufacturers Aquarius and KEAZ (Kursk Electrical Equipment Plant) are lobbying for the Russian government to impose new import duties, or increase existing ones, on imported electronics.

According to the newspaper Kommersant, the companies’ request was on the agenda of an Economic Development Ministry meeting in early October. Minutes from the meeting indicate that participants discussed imposing duties on “select radio-electronic products,” but a source close to Russia’s Digital Development Ministry told Kommersant that the measures discussed would apply to a “wide range of electronics.” One proposal would reportedly apply a new 5 percent tax to desktop computers, laptops, servers, and data storage systems.

The source also said the Economic Development Ministry is “skeptical” of the proposal, while an anonymous federal official who was present at the meeting confirmed that regulators “disagreed” on the idea.

The Russian Industry and Trade Ministry acknowledged that changes in import duties are being considered.

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