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Kherson collaborationist official Kirill Stremousov killed in car crash

Source: RIA Novosti

Kirill Stremousov, the Russian-installed deputy head of the collaborationist administration in Ukraine’s partially-occupied Kherson region, was killed in a car accident on Thursday.

Russian state media initially reported that Stremousov died, but local annexation officials subsequently said that his death was unconfirmed and that doctors were at work at the scene of the crash. Later, however, Kherson occupation administration head Vladimir Saldo appeared to confirm that Stremousov had died, writing on Telegram, "I'm very sorry to say that Kirill Stremousov was killed today."

Update: Russian-installed health officials in the Kherson region have confirmed that Kirill Stremousov was killed in a car accident, Russian state news agency RIA Novosti reported later on Tuesday. Three vehicles were involved in the crash and two other people were injured.

The Telegram channel Ostorozhno, novosti (“Beware the news”) reported that according to metadata from Saldo's Telegram post, he recorded the video confirming Stremousov’s death two hours before the first reports of the car crash.

Pro-Russian Telegram channels reported that the crash took place near the city of Henichesk in the Kherson region.

After Russian forces captured part of the Kherson region at the start of the full-scale war, Stremousov became one of Moscow's top representatives in Ukraine's occupied territories. He was the first official to announce Moscow's plans to annex Ukrainian regions in 2022.

This is a developing story.
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