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Russian Education Ministry developing military training courses for high schools and vocational schools

Source: TASS

The Russian state news outlet TASS reported Tuesday that Russia’s Education Ministry is developing a basic military training course for secondary and vocational schools, citing a response the ministry provided to a inquiry from Sergey Mironov, the leader of the party A Just Russia. The document says that 35 hours over the course of five days will be allotted for basic defense training.

The Education Ministry noted that military training lessons are being incorporated into the mandatory curriculum of existing Health and Safety classes in Russian schools. In October, the ministry proposed adding both military and medical training curriculum to the courses, including lessons on how to handle automatic weapons or hand grenades.

In addition, Sergey Mironov said on Tuesday that the Russian Defense Ministry had expressed support for his proposal to introduce basic military training as a separate course in Russian schools. Mironov envisions having veterans serve as teachers in the new courses as a way to provide jobs for “those returning from the front.”

Basic military training courses were standard in Soviet schools 1918 until Perestroika.

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