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Zelensky: Ukraine shoots down 10 Iranian-made drones daily

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Iranian authorities “lied” in a report, which says they supplied Russia with only a small number of drones, and only before the start of the war.

We shoot down a minimum of 10 drones daily, and the Iranian regime claims that they sent only a small number, and only before the full-scale invasion. Just yesterday we destroyed 11 Shahed drones. We know for sure that Iranian instructors trained Russian terrorists to use the drones, and Tehran is silent about it.

If Iran continues to lie about the obvious, this means that the world will make even stronger efforts to investigate terrorist cooperation between the Russian and Iranian regimes, and to find out what Russia pays for this cooperation.

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Iran and Russia have denied for months that Tehran is supplying Moscow with military drones for use against Ukraine. On November 5, the Iranian foreign affairs ministry admitted supplying drones to Russia for the first time, but said it had done so before the invasion and it was “a small quantity.”

In October, media reported that Iran would send ballistic missiles to Russia, along with new batches of drones.

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