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Dmitry Medvedev rages against dying world of ‘Nazi drug addicts’ and ‘greedy defectors’ in Unity Day Telegram post

In honor of Unity Day, a holiday celebrated on November 4 in Russia, Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman and former President Dmitry Medvedev published a post titled “Why Our Cause is Just” on Telegram.

The short text, written in Q&A format, contains a number of assertions about the war in Ukraine and Russia’s future more broadly, including that:

  • Russia doesn’t need new territory, but it will not give up its sacred lands;
  • A “dying world” consisting of “crazy Nazi drug addicts, their stupefied and scared people, and a big herd of barking dogs from the Western dog pound” is waging war against Russia”
  • Russia's enemies don’t have faith, only “obscene habits.” “Therefore, by rising up against them, we’ve gained sacred power.”
  • The bones of the “greedy defectors” who have “fled to distant lands” should “rot in exile”
  • Russia has “shaken off the dreary gloom of recent decades that the death of our former Fatherland plunged us into,” and other countries that were “raped by the slaveowners” have been awaiting its reawakening
  • The "rotten world order will collapse"

Finally, Medvedev concludes, “We have an opportunity to send our enemies into hellfire, but that’s not our task. We’re listening to the words of the Creator in our hearts and we’ll obey them. These are the words that give us our sacred purpose. The purpose of stopping the supreme lord of hell, whatever name he might go by — Satan, Lucifer, or Iblis. For his purpose is death.”

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