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Missile downed by Ukraine reportedly lands in Moldovan village

Source: Moldovan Interior Ministry

Wreckage from a missile struck down by Ukrainian air defense forces landed in the village of Naslavcea in northeastern Moldova, the Moldovan Interior Ministry reported on Monday.

According to the Moldovan authorities, nobody was injured by the debris, though windows in multiple houses were blown out. The government’s report did not indicate which country launched the missile.

The Moldovan news outlet NordWest posted a video purportedly showing the moment the missile landed in the northern edge of the village.

Explozie de rachetă lângă Naslavcea, R. MOLDOVA

On October 31, 10 of Ukraine's regions came under attack by Russian drones and missiles. Hundreds of towns and villages in seven regions experienced power outages as a result of strikes on critical infrastructure. Local media reported that the Dniester Hydroelectric Station, which is located approximately 23 kilometers away (14 miles) from Naslavcea in Ukraine’s Chernihiv region, was hit.

The Russian government has not commented on the accusation.

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