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Another mass grave found in Kharkiv region

Residents of the town of Kopanky, Ukraine, have discovered a mass grave in the nearby Borivsky region of Kharkiv. Ukrainian national police report that, according to preliminary data, it contains the remains of at least 17 people.

Kopanky residents reported the grave site to law enforcement agencies. They say that Russian soldiers collected bodies throughout the area, and on April 13 brought them t the site in two trucks, used an excavator to dig a three-meter [almost ten-foot] deep pit, and dumped the bodies in.

Locals say the Russians left no marker at the site of the grave and didn’t permit others to do so.

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After the Russian retreat from Kharkiv, a grave containing the bodies of nearly 450 people was discovered in the city of Izyum. There were women and children among the victims. As of October 26, the remains of around 1,000 people, buried during the course of the war, have been exhumed in the Kharkiv region.

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