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Two killed and 12 injured in strikes on the Russian border town of Shebekino

Two people were killed by shelling in the border town of Shebekino, reports Vyacheslav Gladkov, governor of Russia’s Belgorod region.

Izvestiya and the “112” Telegram channel (which is owned by Russian television network REN) reported that a man and a 16-year-old teenager were killed. Russia’s Investigative Committee later confirmed that one of the victims was a minor.

The governor first reported five injured. Later he said that 12 civilians were injured in the shelling, and four of them were in serious condition.

Belgorod governor Vyacheslav Gladkov’s post about recent shelling

Gladkov also reported that almost 15,000 people were without power as a result of the strikes, though power has now been restored. 

The governor did not specify which areas of Shebekino were struck, though he had said earlier “we’re talking about civilian targets.” According to TV Rain the strikes were on a market.

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The Belgorod region has experienced shelling since the beginning of the war, which has intensified in recent weeks. Yesterday, Vyacheslav Gladkov announced that residents of border regions were being resettled outside of Moscow.

The governor also announced heightened measures to secure energy, communications, and housing and public infrastructure. He recommended that business owners in the border regions adopt flexible schedules and consider the possibility of remote work for their employees.

Earlier, because of shelling in the region, Belgorod schools announced that fall vacation would start ahead of schedule and last two weeks rather than one.

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