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Package of bills banning ‘LGBT propaganda’ submitted to State Duma

A legislative package on banning “propaganda for nontraditional sexual relations” was introduced in the State Duma, says Vice Speaker Peter Tolstoy. 

He said that almost 400 “people’s deputies” signed the bills, and he called the decision which the Duma is preparing to make “obvious and long-awaited.” The speaker also said that “the future of Russia is at stake.”

“If we view LGBT propaganda and approval as instruments of hybrid warfare, then it’s dangerous not only for our children but for all of society. We have entered a decisive stage in the battle for our traditional family, moral, and religious values, whose outcome can only be victory,” Tolstoy posted on Telegram.

According to Alexander Khinshteyn, chairman of the Committee on Informational Policy, the Duma may consider the legislation on October 27.

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A law about “propaganda for nontraditional sexual relations among minors” has been on the books in Russia since 2013. In June 2022, the Committee on Informational Policy proposed banning “propaganda for nontraditional relations” regardless of age. Public hearings on the topic were held in the Duma on October 17.

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