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Ukrainian authorities warn of impending power, water, and heating outages as Russia targets infrastructure

Source: Strana

On Tuesday, Kyrylo Tymoshenko, the deputy head of the Ukrainian President's Office, told Ukrainians to prepare for power, water, and heating to be cut off throughout the country.

“The situation is critical throughout our entire country. Each region depends on the others. We need to be prepared throughout the whole country for the possible loss of electricity, water supply, and heating,” the news outlet Strana cited Tymoshenko as saying.

On October 10, the Russian Ministry of Defense began carrying out massive missile strikes on Ukrainian cities. The ministry announced it was attacking military, energy, and telecommunications targets, but it also shelled civilian targets. The Kremlin made it clear that the strikes were retribution for the explosion on the Crimean Bridge, for which Moscow blames Ukrainian intelligence services.

According to British intelligence, Russia intends to do massive damage to Ukraine’s energy network. “As Russia has suffered battlefield setbacks since August, it has highly likely gained a greater willingness to strike civilian infrastructure in addition to Ukrainian military targets,” the British Defense Ministry wrote on Tuesday.

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