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Shelling in Belgorod causes fire in oil depot

An oil depot in the Belgorod region is on fire following shelling, reports regional governor Vyacheslav Gladkov.

“We were shelled again. A piece of a projectile hit an oil depot in the Belgorod region. I’m at the site of the incident. Emergency services are already fighting the fire. There is no threat of it spreading. I will keep you updated,” he posted on Telegram. 

Witnesses report that the depot is burning in the village of Razumnoye. TASS, citing a source in emergency services, reports that one of 10 tanks at the facility was damaged. There is no information about casualties. 

Gladkov also reported that the customs checkpoint at Shebekino was damaged by shelling on October 15. He says 14 projectiles hit the border crossing on Saturday.

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The Belgorod region has experienced shelling since the beginning of the war, increasing in recent days. On October 14, train traffic in the region was temporarily halted because of downed missiles. On the same day, a power substation caught fire due to shelling, leaving part of the city of Belgorod without power. As a result of regular shelling, regional authorities announced school vacation will start ahead of schedule, on October 17.

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