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Moscow authorities demand that hotel and hostel operators hand over information on male guests

The administrative head of the Filyovsky Park district demanded that Moscow hotel and hostel owners provide information on male guests between the ages of 18 and 55. Evgeny Stupin, lawyer for the Moscow City Duma, posted a photo of the document.

The document states that data on guests “will be used to identify citizens who are not fulfilling their military duties.” It required the information – full name, date of birth, passport data, and registered address – by October 12.

Stupin also posted a photograph of a certificate from the enlistment office in Moscow’s Tverskoy district, which states that company officials and private citizens should “provide assistance to the messenger in the timely fulfillment of mobilization duties.” It also threatened that anyone obstructing the work of the messenger would be held responsible “in accordance with legislation of the Russian Federation.”

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There have been earlier reports of police raids on Moscow hostels and hotels. Mediazona reported that on October 8, police cordoned off the Travel Inn hostel and start to check guest’s documents.

On October 14, publications Kholod and Verstka reported that an enlistment office in Moscow’s Danilovsky district held at least 12 men, who had been brought there from hostels in the capital, for 24 hours. Three of them were residents of Bashkortosan. They were released, but instructed to return within two days, according to Kholod. It is not known what became of the other men who were taken in.

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