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The head of a Moscow government department died at the front. He had no combat experience.

Aleksey Martynov, the head of a department within the Moscow city government, was killed on October 10 in Ukraine, reports Natalya Loseva, deputy editorial director at the RT television channel. According to Loseva, he was 28.

“He was mobilized on September 23. In his youth he served in the Semyonovsky Regiment [which provides security to the Russian president and the Kremlin]. He had no combat experience. He was sent to the front after basically a few days,” Loseva said. 

Natalya Loseva’s Telegram post about Martynov

Earlier on October 13, Russian authorities confirmed for the first time that five people who were drafted in the Chelyabinsk region had been killed at the front in Ukraine. According to those close to the deceased, and to their fellow service members, new recruits were sent to war with no training, reports BBC’s Russian service. By the publication Agentsvo’s count, at least 10 mobilized Russian citizens have been killed at the front.

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