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Second recruit in five days found dead at Novosibirsk military academy

Source: Interfax

The body of a man who recently enlisted in the Russian army was found at the Novosibirsk Higher Military Command School, regional human rights commissioner Nina Shalabayeva said on Friday.

“Yes, another person died. The circumstances are being investigated by the appropriate authorities” Shalabeyeva said. According to the local news outlet, the man’s death was caused by violence.

Another recruit was reported to have died at the same school earlier this week. Nina Shalabayeva reported that the man died in his sleep, but his mother has disputed that claim. “On September 28, he went to enlist as a volunteer completely sober. And in Novosibirsk, on October 2, he died as if from a heart attack,” said the woman, who claimed her son “never complained about his heart.” She added that “some people on the phone” tried to convince her that the man died from “low-quality alcohol.”

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