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Kadyrov announces that he has become a colonel general

Source: Kadyrov_95

Ramzan Kadyrov says that Vladimir Putin has awarded him the rank of colonel general. The head of Chechnya posted on his Telegram channel:

I wanted to share one more piece of nice news with you. The President of Russia awarded me the rank of colonel general. The order was issued under number 709. Vladimir Vladimirovich has personally informed me and congratulated me. I am boundlessly grateful to our Supreme Commander-in-Chief for valuing my achievments so highly! This is a great honor for me. I give my word that I will justify the trust displayed in this promotion.

No order under the number 709 has been officially published.

The rank of colonel general is the third most senior in the Russian army, after marshal and army general. However, since there are currently no marshals in service in the Russian army, Kadyrov de facto has been awarded the second highest rank. Kadyrov was awarded his previous rank of lieutenant general at the end of March 2022, soon after the beginning of the war.

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