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‘We’re taking part, but we aren’t killing anyone.’ Lukashenko on Belarus’s role in Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Source: BELTA

Alexander Lukashenko said that Belarus is taking part in the “special military operation,” which Russia is conducting against Ukraine, but is not sending its troops into the conflict zone, reports Belta.

“As for our participation in the special military operation in Ukraine, we are taking part. We’re not hiding it. But we aren’t killing anyone. We’re not sending our military anywhere. We’re not violating our obligations,” Lukashenko said.

He stressed that Belarus is involved to prevent the conflict from spreading to its territory, as well as, “to prevent a strike on Belarus under the guise of a special military operation by Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia.” “As I said, no one will shoot at the Russians from the territory of Belarus. That’s our involvement,” said Lukashenko.

In July, Lukashenko said that he had “long ago determined” Belarus’s participation in the “special military operation.” He noted that Russia and Belarus have “a single group of armed forces.” “And we have taken up the defense from the Brest Fortress to the southern border in order to prevent NATO troops from stabbing the Russians in the back. They can’t forgive us that,” Lukashenko said.

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