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Putin orders simplified citizenship procedures for foreigners who join the Russian army

Russian president Vladimir Putin signed an order on simplified procedures for granting citizenship to foreigners who sign a contract to serve in the armed forces of the Russian Federation. The document has been published on the official web portal for legal information.

According to the order, in order to be eligible for simplified citizenship procedures, foreigners have to sign a contract of at least a year in length and take part in military activities for at least six months. Under the law, the spouses, children, and parents of contract soldiers are also entitled to citizenship. 

If a contract soldier is killed before he officially receives citizenship, his family is still entitled to simplified citizenship regardless of how long he had served at the front.

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On September 21, Putin announced the beginning of mobilization. According to official sources, authorities will draft up to 300,000 individuals for the war in Ukraine. According to Meduza’s information, the “partial mobilization” will see more than a million people called up.

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