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Russian security services count more than 260,000 men fleeing Russia

Russia security services report that after the “partial” mobilization, 261,000 men have left Russia. A source in the presidential administration discussed the FSB’s report with Novaya Gazeta Europe. 

Discussion within the presidential administration about closing the borders to men of mobilization age began on Wednesday, when figures started to arrive from security services about the number of men leaving Russia. According to the source, the latest FSB information which “walked through his office” today, September 25, lists 261,000 men who left Russia between Wednesday and Saturday night.

Novaya Gazeta Europe’s source doubts the authenticity of the FSB data, because until now the FSB’s border services “didn’t work so fast.” Nonetheless, “the atmosphere within in the administration is such that security forces and the defense ministry will be able to persuade Putin to close the exits before it’s too late” said the source.

Another Novaya Gazeta Europe source maintained that a draft order from the head of state on closing borders had not yet appeared.

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