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‘Now is the time to decide whether your life will end.’ Zelensky addresses Russians about the mobilization

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky once again addressed citizens of the Russian Federation concerning the mobilization, calling on them to refuse summonses, to hide, or to surrender to Ukrainian troops. He made these statements in a video address concerning results of the 213th day of the war:

Now is a key moment for you: it’s time to decide whether your life will end. It’s better to refuse a summons than to die a war criminal on foreign soil. It’s better to flee this criminal mobilization than to end up disabled and then nonetheless have to defend yourself in court for participation in an aggressive war. It’s better to surrender to Ukrainian captivity than to be killed by our weapons.

When the mobilization began on September 21, Zelensky called on Russians to protest, fight, flee, or surrender.

President Zelensky’s address
Office of the President of Ukraine
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