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In Dagestan, residents protesting the mobilization blocked a federal highway, police fired shots into the air

Source: Ask Rasul

On September 25, residents of the village of Endirey in the Khasavyurt region of Dagestan blocked the Khasavyurt-Makhachkala federal highway.

According to the Telegram channel “Ask Rasul,” residents are protesting the Russian mobilization. The channel “Here’s Dagestan” reports that 110 men were called up for mobilization from the village, and people took action to protect their sons, brothers, and husbands. About 8.4 thousand people live in the village. Footage from eyewitnesses shows police trying to disperse the protesters by firing into the air. It is unclear whether there were any injuries or arrests.

Dagestan residents protesting mobilization are dispersed with gunshots

Actions against mobilization began across Russia on September 21, the first day of the draft. Since then, according to independent media project OVD-Info, more than 2,000 people have been arrested in cities across Russia, the bulk of them–over 1,300–on September 21.

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