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Russian Duma introduces concepts of ‘mobilization’ and ‘martial law’ into Criminal Code, as well as articles on looting and surrender

State Duma deputies have unanimously adopted amendments to the Russian Criminal Code in the second and third readings. The session was broadcast on the Duma website. At the second reading, 381 MPs voted for the amendments and one abstained. At the third reading, 389 deputies voted for it.

A number of new articles of the Criminal Code were added to the bill for the second reading. Among them are “Voluntary surrender” (Article 352.1, up to 10 years in prison) and “Looting” (Article 356.1, up to 15 years).

According to the newly-adopted law, committing a crime “during mobilization or martial law, in wartime” was added the list of aggravating circumstances.

In addition, the law increases imprisonment for the unauthorized abandonment of a unit during mobilization or martial law (Article 337 of the Criminal Code) up to 10 years. Criminal liability is also established for people in the reserve, and those called up for military training, in case of non-appearance or desertion.

The law also introduces punishment (paragraph 2.1 of Article 332 of the CC) for the failure of a subordinate to comply with the order of a superior given during martial law, in wartime, or during an armed conflict, as well as for refusal to participate in military or combat activities. According to the adopted amendments, this could result in two to three years of imprisonment.

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