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Moscow Times journalist detained in Belgorod on suspicion of spying for Ukraine

Source: TJournal

Kirill Ponomarev was detained in Belgorod on suspicion of spying for Ukraine, reports the Telegram channel Antiwar Committee of Belgorod.

The journalist has been in custody for more than three hours at the time of writing. He is not allowed a lawyer.

The television channel TV Rain, referencing Ilya Kostyukov, spokesperson for the local antiwar committee, said Ponomarev interviewed refugees from Ukraine, posing as a Ukrainian journalist. Police were present during the interview. When they heard Ponomarev’s words they “really tensed up” and therefore arrested the journalist, Kostyukov suggested. 

The Moscow Times confirmed that the arrest took place. “Ponomarev acted on directions from editors at the Moscow Times. He communicated with citizens of Russia and Ukraine who were evacuated because of shelling. He managed to record several interviews, after which he was detained by police. Our correspondent also managed to call the editorial office and report the detention, after which he stopped communication,” said the editorial office.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has not yet commented.

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