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Russian lawmakers want to ban maps that reject Moscow’s claims on Ukrainian lands

Source: Meduza

Citing concerns that Western “hybrid warfare” is responsible for the creation of maps that reject Moscow’s territorial claims on Crimea (as well as the Kuril Islands), Russian lawmakers have drafted laws that would ban such “maps, documents, and images” as illegal extremist materials, making their distribution an offense punishable by up to 15 days in jail and fines as high as 1 million rubles (about $16,500).

Vasily Piskarev, the State Duma deputy leading the legislative initiative, says the maps “challenging the territorial integrity of Russia” are “especially dangerous when intended for a children’s audience.”

After Russia launched a full-scale of Ukraine on February 24, lawmakers adopted sweeping limitations on free speech, banning nearly all public criticism of the war (which it is illegal to describe as “a war”). Those who “discredit” the military face fines and time in jail, while repeat offenders and persons convicted of “disinformation” about the armed forces can be imprisoned for several years.

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