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Montenegro proposes halting visa agreement for Russian citizens

Source: Dan

Foreign Minister of Montenegro Ranko Krivokapic proposed suspending Montenegro’s visa facilitation agreement for Russian citizens, according to the publication Dan, reporting on a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro.

Krivokapic made the proposal after the EU suspended its visa deal with Russia.

“Montenegro is a committed EU partner and the minister of foreign affairs believes that our country should be fully united with the EU in this decision” the ministry said.

Since 2008 Russia and Montenegro have had a mutual agreement for visa-free travel for citizens of both countries. Dan reports that if the government of Montenegro accepts the minister’s proposal, Russian citizens will be able to travel to the country only with a visa.

According to Dan, from June 1 to Aug 14, 2022 48,193 citizens of Russian crossed the border into Montenegro, 15% more than in the same period during the previous year, when 41,802 Russian citizens crossed.

On September 14 the European Council’s decision to suspend its visa facilitation agreement with Russia will come into effect. After that, the EU’s general visa code will apply to Russian citizens, increasing costs of visa applications and limiting the number of long-term multiple-entry visas for Russian citizens.

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