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Ukraine strikes crucial bridge in Nova Kakhovka

A Ukrainian strike has significantly damaged a bridge in Nova Kakhovka, a Russian-occupied city in the Kherson region, according to the Ukrainian authorities. The Kakhovsky Bridge, which crosses over the dam at the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant, has been one of the Russian army's few remaining options for transporting supplies across the Dnipro river.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces reported that Wednesday’s attack “consolidated the bridge’s status as unusable.”

The news site Strana posted a video showing the aftermath of the strike on Telegram. In the video, the bridge’s roadbed appears to have been damaged, but cars continue to travel across.

During wartime, it’s not always possible for journalists to quickly verify information shared by eyewitnesses and government officials.

The Kakhovsky Bridge is one of three bridges across the Dnipro river in Russian-controlled Kherson. All three bridges are strategically important as they allow Russia to send supplies to its troops on the river’s right bank.

In recent weeks, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have repeatedly shelled the Antonivskyi Bridge, which lies in the immediate vicinity of Kherson.

The UK’s Defense Ministry has reported that Russian troops have likely positioned pyramidal radar reflectors around the bridge, which can interfere with missile guidance. 

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