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🪖 Employees of state-owned enterprises summoned for military service in Leningrad region

Employees of state-owned enterprises in Russia’s Leningrad region have begun receiving orders to report “for military retraining.” According to Novaya Gazeta Europe, men ages 18-60 are being served summons at their workplaces either directly or through their superiors. The day after the summons is served, the men are required to go to their local enlistment offices and are sent from there to military bases.

An enlistment office representative told Novaya Gazeta Europe that the men are being sent to “repair equipment that arrives [from Ukraine].” The paper reported that on August 3, a bus containing 22 men who had been summoned from their workplaces left from Gatchina. Their destination is unknown.

The Russian authorities have not declared a general mobilization and have repeatedly insisted that they have no plans to. At the same time, military enlistment offices are aggressively “recruiting” contract soldiers, including under “short-term service” and “volunteer” contracts.