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Chechnya residents being forcibly sent to fight in Ukraine

Source: The Insider

Chechen anti-war bloggers and representatives of human rights organizations told investigative outlet The Insider that since ethnic Chechens have largely been reluctant to enlist in the army and join the war in Ukraine, the authorities are coercing them with threats of torture, criminal charges, and familial shame.

According to a representative from [Chechen human rights organization] VAYFOND, it’s impossible for Chechens to refuse to go to war. People are obeying because they believe it’s better to die from a bullet wound [in Ukraine] than from torture [at home]. Security officials are using more exotic methods of coercion as well:

“It’s scary when they violate the honor of a man or of his wife, sister, or daughter. Security officials come to people’s houses, start harassing the women, undressing them. For our mentality, that’s the worst that can happen. It’s better to die than to be humiliated in that way. After that, you’ll no longer be considered a man.”

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