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Russian police interrogate Ksenia Sobchak in connection with fatal car crash near Sochi

Source: Interfax

Russian police investigators questioned socialite and television host Ksenia Sobchak on Tuesday, October 12, as part of a criminal case launched over a fatal car accident near Sochi, the Interior Ministry’s press center told Interfax. 

Sobchak gave her testimony at the Main Investigation Department of the Interior Ministry’s headquarters for Moscow, the press center said. The spokespeople specified that Sobchak was questioned as a witness, but didn’t disclose any further details.

“Almost three hours of questions that had nothing to do with what witnesses are usually asked about. And [as for] the video filmed by [police officers] from inside the courtyard for journalists. I understand why this is being done and what they’re counting on,” Sobchak wrote on Telegram after the interrogation. She also added that she has been in touch with the victims of the crash. 

On October 9, a Mercedes carrying Ksenia Sobchak and two of her assistants on the road between Adler and Krasnaya Polyana drove into the wrong lane and collided with an oncoming Volkswagen vehicle. One of the Volkswagen’s passengers was killed; another was taken to hospital along with the driver.

Sobchak’s driver, who pleaded guilty to causing the accident, was charged with committing a traffic violation that resulted in the death of a person by negligence. He was placed under house arrest pending trial.

Immediately after the crash, Sobchak — who was on her way to their airport — changed vehicles and continued on her way. She later claimed that she had sustained “multiple injuries” and left the scene of the accident because she wanted to get home to her son. According to a medical report that was shown on Russian state television, Sobchak sustained a closed head injury and a concussion, as well as bruises and abrasions. 

Later on Tuesday, the Telegram channel Baza published a copy of Sobchak’s interrogation record. According to the document, Sobchak alleged that neither she nor her assistants were rushing the driver; she also claimed that she was working during the drive and wasn’t paying attention to the road. After the collision, Sobchak briefly lost consciousness and, when she came to, she allegedly asked if medics were on their way. Sobchak said she then changed vehicles and went directly to the airport. Baza notes that in her testimony, Sobchak didn’t mention sustaining any injuries. 

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