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Russian officials describe Navalny’s health as ‘satisfactory,’ but plan to transfer him to a prisoners’ hospital notorious for abusing inmates

Source: Meduza

Officials in Russia’s Vladimir Region announced on Monday that they are transferring Alexey Navalny to a nearby hospital for prisoners, though they describe his condition as “satisfactory.” Navalny is now receiving “vitamin therapy” apparently with his consent, though he has been on a hunger strike since March 31. In recent days, the opposition politician’s spokespeople have warned that he could die within a week due to untreated illnesses.

Navalny is on a hunger strike to demand access to his own doctors, arguing that his prison’s medical attention is inadequate. On April 15, his private physicians declared that lab results released to Navalny’s wife indicate that his condition could lead to kidney and cardiovascular failure, resulting in death.

On April 18, U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan warned that the Biden administration would impose a “variety of different costs” and “consequences” on the Kremlin if Navalny dies in prison. 

Earlier this month, the investigative news outlet iStories reported allegations of torture and murder at the Vladimir region’s “correctional facility number 3,” which houses Navalny’s new prisoners’ hospital. “Inmates are so afraid of ending up there that they’re ready to slice their wrists to protest [being transferred],” the publication said on Telegram.

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