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St. Petersburg authorities anticipating three new COVID-19 waves after the holidays


According to St. Petersburg Deputy Governor Evgeny Yelin, the city authorities are expecting three new waves of the coronavirus infection after the end of the New Year holidays. As quoted by the local newspaper Fontanka:

We are awaiting three new waves [of COVID-19]: let’s see what happens after the New Year, after Christmas, and after people return from vacation.

Yelin said that due to the “holiday effect” 30 percent less people have been hospitalized with the coronavirus in St. Petersburg, as many opt for at-home treatment. 

The deputy governor also called on local residents to comply with anti-coronavirus restrictions and “to use their heads”:

You have to use your head, always...If you don’t care about your health, you can go for a walk, hug, party, but it’s better not to do that.

Since the end of November, St. Petersburg has registered around 3,700 new coronavirus cases daily. In total, the city has seen more than 257,000 cases, including more than 8,000 deaths and 154,000 recoveries. Currently, the number of active cases exceeds 94,000.

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