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Russian Supreme Court dissolves anti-corruption political party led by Putin’s cousin

Source: MBX Media

Russia’s Supreme Court has dissolved the political party “People Against Corruption” just months after President Vladimir Putin’s cousin, Roman Putin, became its chairman.

The party was dissolved in accordance with a claim the Justice Ministry filed at the end of September. The ministry didn’t provide an official reason for the lawsuit.

However, previously, the Central Election Commission had named “People Against Corruption” among a list of four parties that could be dissolved due to the fact that they have failed to participate in any elections for seven years in a row.

Roman Putin joined the “People Against Corruption” party on June 21, 2020, and was elected its chairman by secret ballot on July 5. He was elected for a five-year term.

Roman Putin is the son of the president’s cousin, Igor Putin, meaning he is technically Vladimir Putin’s first cousin once removed. Roman has previously worked in the Federal Security Service (FSB) and was a volunteer adviser to the governor of Novosibirsk. He owns several oil and shipping companies and has headed the “Taekwondo Federation of Russia” trust foundation since 2013.

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