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Popular Russian actor gets eight years in prison for role in deadly DUI collision earlier this summer

Source: Meduza

In a celebrity trial that has attracted major attention in Russia, the actor Mikhail Efremov was sentenced to eight years in prison on September 8 for his role in a deadly traffic collision earlier this summer.

When reading out her verdict, Judge Elena Abramova declared that the case evidence established Efremov’s guilt beyond any doubt. The actor refused to confess to the crime during his trial, but he ultimately admitted to the charges when making a closing statement to the court. 

The court also seized 800,000 rubles ($10,500) from Efremov to compensate Sergey Zakharov’s eldest son for the loss of his father. Efremov was also stripped of permission to drive a motor vehicle for a period of three years after he has served his prison sentence. 

Lawyers for injured party in the case say they will not challenge the ruling. Prosecutors wanted the actor locked up for 11 years. Efremov was handcuffed taken into custody in the courtroom.

Update: Efremov’s defense attorney, Elman Pashaev, says his client will file an appeal. State prosecutors have announced that they consider the verdict to be “legal and reasonable and consistent with the goals of restoring social justice.”

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