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Netflix partners with ‘National Media Group’ to localize service and expand programming in Russia

Source: Vedomosti

Netflix will completely localize its streaming service in Russia before the end of the year, the company’s press service told the newspaper Vedomosti on Wednesday. According to the new deal, the National Media Group — one of Russia’s biggest media holding companies — will manage Netflix streaming in Russia.

“After almost five years since launching our English-language version in Russia, we are happy to offer our service entirely in the Russian language in partnership with the National Media Group,” Netflix said. By 2021, the streaming service says its interface will be available in Russian and many foreign programs will offer Russian dubbing. Roughly 100 Russian films will also be added to Netflix’s catalog in Russia.

Netflix became officially available in Russia in 2016. So far, most of the programming available to Russian subscribers has been offered only in English.

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