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Alexey Navalny is fighting for his life in an Omsk hospital after an apparent poisoning

Source: YouTube

Anatoly Kalinichenko, the deputy chief doctor at the emergency care hospital in Omsk where opposition politician Alexey Navalny has been hospitalized, has delivered an update on his condition. 

“The patient’s condition is stable and intensive care continues. We’ve made progress in diagnosing the illness. We now have several dozen analyses of his blood, brain activity, and other internal organs and body systems. The treatment continues and, thank God, we have a specialized center for treating such patients. Doctors are doing everything possible — they’re honestly working to save his life right now,” Kalinichenko told journalists. He declined to tell the press anything about Navalny’s diagnosis or test results.

On August 20, a plane carrying Anti-Corruption Foundation founder Alexey Navalny was forced to make an emergency landing in Omsk after he became violently ill during the flight. Navalny was immediately hospitalized. He reportedly lost consciousness and was put in intensive care, where he needed to be connected to a ventilator.

Navalny started feeling unwell en route from Tomsk to Moscow. According to his press secretary, Kira Yarmysh (who was traveling with him), Navalny has apparently been poisoned. Before boarding the plane in Tomsk, he drank a cup of tea at the airport.

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