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Migrants clash with Russian law enforcement as they attempt mass crossing of Russia-Kazakhstan border

Source: Interfax

A group of approximately 500 Uzbekistani citizens have attempted to break through the border in Russia’s Southwestern Samara Region and enter Kazakhstan, in order to make their way home to Uzbekistan, Interfax and TASS report

The Uzbek nationals trying to get through the border are among thousands of migrant workers who have become stranded in makeshift camps in Southwestern Russia. Travel restrictions imposed during the coronavirus pandemic are preventing them from returning home.

“Yesterday (August 3) at 9:00 a.m., people were waiting for a decision on their situation to be announced. This didn’t happen. Then they ‘attempted to break through’ to the territory of the Orenburg Region. The security forces returned them to the territory of the Samara Region,” a source told Interfax.  

The news outlet Mash also reported clashes between the migrants and Russian riot police. According to Interfax, there were no injuries; local law enforcement confirmed that clashes did in fact take place.

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