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Election monitoring movement ‘Golos’ seeks defamation investigation

Source: Meduza

The independent election monitoring movement ‘Golos’ has appealed to the Prosecutor’s Office and the police requesting the launch of a defamation investigation over materials that appeared in state media. 

In a statement shared with Meduza, Golos said that “a whole conveyor belt fabricating lies was built” in relation to their organization, after state television channels broadcast fake stories about the movement’s work.

Golos also underscored that members of the Civic Chamber and the President’s Human Rights Council participated in this campaign, making unfounded accusations about Golos reporting a “colossal number” of fake electoral violations.

Activists from the Golos movement were openly critical of Russia’s nationwide plebiscite on constitutional amendments during the lead up to the vote, emphasizing that there was no legal basis for the vote, and that it didn’t comply with Russian law or international standards.

During the voting period itself, Golos issued a statement about numerous electoral violations. As a result, the movement’s final report called the plebiscite “an unprecedented example of an assault on the sovereignty of the people.” 

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