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New statistics say Russia saw 7,444 deaths involving COVID-19 in May 2020 alone

Source: Rosstat

Russia’s Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) has reported that the coronavirus was the main cause of death among 7,444 people in Russia in May 2020.

This number includes 5,644 deaths caused by COVID-19 infections confirmed through laboratory testing. An additional 1,800 deaths involved a clinical picture pointing to a high probability of a COVID-19 infection, despite the fact that the patient didn’t have a confirmed case of the virus.

Another 1,530 people diagnosed with COVID-19 died from other illnesses that developed in large part due to the coronavirus; 3,478 people with the coronavirus died from unrelated causes.

According to the daily reports from Russia’s federal operational headquarters for the fight against the coronavirus, 3,686 people died of the coronavirus in May.

According to Rosstat’s data, a total of 10,156 people died of the coronavirus during April and May alone. However, the statistics from the federal operational headquarters state that Russia has seen a total of 11,017 coronavirus deaths since the start of the pandemic (between March and July 9, 2020).

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