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More than 600 ballots invalidated due to at-home voting irregularities in Moscow

Source: Interfax

Two of Moscow’s districts saw more than 600 ballots invalidated due to irregularities involving at-home voting in Russia’s ongoing plebiscite on constitutional amendments, reports Ilya Massukh, the head of Moscow’s Community Headquarters for Election Monitoring. 

“In one of the districts the number of at-home [voters] voting with paper ballots was 10 times lower than the number of ballots that were delivered. We invalidated more than 600 votes in two precincts,” Massukh said during a meeting with a group of international experts (as quoted by Interfax). 

Massukh did not specify which Moscow districts had their ballots invalidated. Earlier in the day on June 30, the Moscow Election Commission stated that they had invalidated 436 ballots at polling stations number 2271 and 2273 in Moscow’s Ramenki district. In addition, election officials invalidated five ballots at polling station number 1403 in the capital’s Lefortovo district, where an entire family’s data had been accidentally recorded among voters casting absentee ballots. 

On June 29, Kirill Trofimov, a member of the territorial election commission in Ramenki said that in several of the district’s precincts, the territorial commission’s figures on the number of at-home voters differed radically from the data recorded in local electoral commissions’ documents. 

After the Moscow Election Commission invalidated ballots at two polling stations in the Ramenki district, Kirill Trofimov told Open Media that 39 of the district’s precincts showed irregularities involving at-home voting. 

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