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Russian authorities investigate toy protests against constitutional plebiscite

Source: OVD Info

Criminal investigators in St. Petersburg came to the home of activist Sonya Ulyasheva, the press secretary of the “Vesna” (“Spring”) opposition movement, to talk about her “civic position.” The visit came in response to a protest action that Vesna activists held on June 21, using children’s toys to oppose the July 1 plebiscite on constitutional amendments, Ulyasehva told OVD-Info. 

The so-called “nano-rally” took place at the Field of Mars in central St. Petersburg, where Vesna activists set up children’s toys protesting changes to the constitution and the upcoming nationwide vote, and then took photographs.

In photographs posted on the movement’s social media, the toys can be seen holding posters with the slogans “This plebiscite is more of a toy than us,” “The amendments will not protect us,” “The plastic world has won,” and “It’s time for the puppeteer to leave the game.” 

Given the ban on mass gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic, Vesna activists encouraged Russian citizens to stage their own toy protests, and upload photos to social media using the hashtag #маленькийпротест (“tiny protest”).