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Kremlin reveals Putin’s anti-coronavirus disinfection tunnel

Source: RIA Novosti

The Russian President’s Novo-Ogaryovo residence outside of Moscow has installed a special disinfection tunnel to defend against the coronavirus. 

Each visitor who passes through the tunnel is sprayed with a “finely dispersed water mist,” which covers them with a disinfectant solution, reports RIA Novosti. 

The Penza regional government website indicates that the tunnel is produced by a local factory, “Motornye Tekhnologii,” and has been manufactured under the brand MIZOTTY since May 2020.

According to presidential spokesman Dmitry Pskov, two more of these disinfection tunnels have been installed in the Kremlin, as well.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Putin administration’s employees partially transitioned to remote work at the end of March. Those who continued to physically go to work were regularly tested for COVID-19. That said, a number of the Kremlin’s employees did contract the coronavirus, including spokesman Dmitry Pskov. According to RBK, Kremlin officials stopped working remotely as of June 15.

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