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Moscow regional courts are sentencing residents to compulsory labor at hospitals for violating quarantine

Courts in the Moscow region have sentenced several local residents who violated self-isolation restrictions to compulsory labor at hospitals, reports the head of the Main Directorate for Regional Security, Roman Karataev.

These sentences have been handed down for various violations in a number of cities and towns in the Moscow region. A resident of Krasnogorsk was sentenced to compulsory labor at a local hospital after he convinced his friends to play sports in the courtyard of his building. A resident of Khimki received the same punishment for organizing recreational activities near a local shopping center. Several residents also received this punishment in Solnechnogorsk for drifting in a shopping center parking lot.

The Moscow region’s Main Directorate for Regional Security noted that the compulsory labor will involve cleaning up hospital grounds, as well as off-loading medications, groceries, and other goods.