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In a warning against ‘opportunism,’ Kremlin spokesman criticizes doctors who complain about PPE shortages to journalists

Source: Meduza

At a press conference on April 22, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said doctors across the country who feel they lack the necessary medical equipment and personal protective gear should take their complaints to local Health Ministry officials, not journalists.

“Doctors can and should communicate their needs to the appropriate authorities in their regions. Each region has a Health Ministry and it should be getting objective information from medical institutions. But the fact remains that regional health ministries should be the main audience for this information, not newspapers and mass media outlets,” Peskov argued, saying that regional and federal officials are fully capable of closing any deficits in necessary medical gear.

“But of course it’s both inappropriate and unacceptable when certain opportunistic people try to use this situation for whatever hysterics and exaggerations. The most important thing right now is to provide personal protective equipment to doctors. And any requests here from doctors must be implemented,” said Peskov.

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