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Russian government allocates $619 million to support COVID-19 medical workers

Russia’s executive cabinet has set aside 45.6 billion rubles ($619.7 million) to provide hazard pay for medical workers working with COVID-19 patients, according to an order published on the cabinet’s website.

Russian President Vladimir Putin first announced the planned payments last week. They will be allocated over the course of three months, beginning in April.

Under the new order, doctors providing inpatient care for coronavirus cases will receive 80,000 rubles ($1,087) per month in hazard pay. Mid-rank medical staff will receive 50,000 ($680) monthly, and junior staff will receive 25,000 ($340). Ambulance doctors will be included in the 50,000-ruble category, and all other ambulance staff will receive 25,000 rubles per month.

Universal direct payments to individuals are not part of Russia’s broader plan to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

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